Complete the sentences
21. ... of the students should do his own work.
A) Each B) Every C) Everyone D) All
22. Half of the luggage ... here.
A)are B)were C)is D)be23. Look! The police ... already here.
A)is B)are C)was D)be
24. Physics ... a difficult subject.
A)are B)is C)were D)be
25. None of the information ... correct.
A) were B) are C) is D) have
26. Every man, woman and child ... invited.
A) are B) is C) been D) have
27. Neither of these phones ... .
A) works B) to work C) working D) functioning
28. They are ... good students that they will all pass.
A) such B) such a C) so D) so a
29. My friend doesn’t like opera, but I ... .
A)does B)do C)am D)was
30. He had his hair ... yesterday.
A) cut B) was cut C) cutting D) to cut
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1)D 2)B 24)B 25)B 26)A 27)D 28)B 29)C 30)D