Перевести в пассивный залог. Пожалуйста очень нужно!!!
1.They built a new school last year.
2.Mother had cooked pasta.
3.They were repairing my car when i came.
4.They will deliver the letter tomorrow.
5.They are renovating the church noe.
6.They can complete the task by Monday.
7.They clean the house regularly.
8.They designed a new dress last month.
9.A famous artist has decorated this temple.
10.They must follow the timetable.
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1)They were built a new school last year
2)Mother was cooked pasta
3)They were repaired my car when i was come
4) They are delivered the letter tomorrow
5)They are renovated the church now
6)They are could complete the task by Monday
7)They are cleaned the house regularly
8) They were designed a new dress last month
9)A famous artist is decorated this temple
10)They are must followed the timetable