срочноооо write information for foreign visitors to Belarus about driving on the roads​
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вопрос (на русском) :

напишите информацию для иностранных гостей в Беларусь о движении по дорогам

ответ :

All roads in Belarus are divided into two types – republican and local. The length of national roads is about 15.5 thousand km, while the length of local roads exceeds 70 thousand km. For passenger cars, travel on all roads is free of charge.An additional fee is charged only for driving on certain sections of road that pass on the border with other states. The section of the Brest-Minsk road passing through the border of the Russian Federation (M1/E30) is a toll road. The fare ranges from 4 to 15 euros, depending on the type of vehicle. A special automatic machine with a barrier is installed at the payment point. It is worth noting that the barrier is lowered automatically immediately after the passing car, so be sure to stop, put the coins in the machine and wait until it opens again. You can pay for your trip in Belarusian or Russian rubles, as well as in euros and US dollars.