Перевести в пассивный залог. Пожалуйста, очень нужно!!!
1.They built a new school last year.
2.Mother had cooked pasta.
3.They were repairing my car when i came.
4.They will deliver the letter tomorrow.
5.They are renovating the church now.
6.They can complete the task by Monday.
7.They clean the house regularly.
8.They designed a new dress last month.
9.A famous artist has decorated this temple.
10.They must follow the timetable
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1. A new school was built last year.

2. pasta has been cooked by mother.

3. car was being repaired when I came

4. Letter will be delivered tomorrow

5. Church is being renovated now

6. the task can be completed by Monday

7. the house is cleaned regularly

8. A new dress were designed last month

9. this temple had been decorated by a famous artist

10. The timetable must be followed