Нужно написать сочинение по английскому 8 класс примерно 8 предложений про проблему глобального потепления с использованием герунди, обязательно. Отдам 50 баллов.
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The global warming is a big problem from our planet. If global warming developed, it will have negative consequences. Such consequences are rising temperatures, climate change, melting glaciers, the greenhouse effect. This is due to the fact that people pollute the air with their plants and factories. Not only the climate suffers from this, but also people and animals, because they breathe this air. in order to combat this problem we need to plant more forests and not cut down trees that are the lungs of our planet. I think Global warming is one of the biggest mistakes man has made. That is a reason why we must correct it. So Global warming for me is a the first problem that we must correct.