Complete these sentences using don\'t/doesn\'t/didn\'t have to + one of these verbs:

do get up go go pay shave wait work

1. I\'m not working tomorrow, so I _________________ to early.

2. The car park is free-you _________________ to park your car there.

3. I went to the bank this morning. There was no queue, so I __________________.

4. Sally is extremely rich. She ____________________.

5. We\'ve got plenty of time. We _____________________ yet.

6. Jack has got a beard, so he __________________________.

7. I\'m not particularly busy. I\'ve got a few things to do but I ____________________ them now.

8. A man was slightly injured in the accident but he _______________ to hospital.

2. Complete these sentences with mustn\'t or don\'t/doesn\'t have to.

1. I don\'t want anyone to know. You ____________ tell anyone.

2 He _____________ wear a suit to work but he usually does.

3. I can stay in bed tomorrow morning because I ______________ go to work.

4. Whatever you do, you ______________ touch that switch. It\'s very dangerous.

5. There\'s a lift in the building, so we ______________ climb the stairs.

6. You _____________ forget what I told you. It\'s very important.

7. Sue _________________ get up early. She gets up early because she wants to.
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1. don't have to get up

2. don't have to pay

3. didn't have to wait

4. doesn't have to work

5. don't have to go

6. doesn't have to shave

7. don't have to do


1. mustn't

2. doesn't have to

3. don't have to

4. must

5. don't have to

6. mustn't

7. doesn't have to

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