Переведите следующие вопросы с конструкцией to have to в прошедшем или будущем времени 50б
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1)Why did you have to work on sunday?
2)Why did you have to answer this question?
3)When did you have to continue your work?
4) When should you have come to the office?
5)What should you have done yesterday?
6)When did you have to translate this article?
7)Why did they pay money to insure?
8 )Why did he have to go to Rostov?
9.) Why did you have to do this job?
10.) Why did they have to wait for you at ukuta? 11. )Why did they have to wait for you on the street?
12. Who was supposed to buy coffee?
13. Who should have sent the fax?
14 Who was written to stay in the office?
15. To whom rplunoco nar ryns1 with a dog?
16) Where you will need to check our work?
17. who had to go for a walk with the dog?
18. What will she have to do at lunch ?
19. Who will have to receive this fax?
20. Who will have to talk to the boss?
21.Who will have to brew tea?
22.Who will have to clean the room tomorrow?