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Read the dialoge and mark the statements True (T), False (F), Not Stated (NS)

LUCY: Some of my friends are hailing a New Year party at home. Why not
join them? We are the same age and have common views on many
things so you can make a lot of new friends. l\'m sure we‘ll have a
lot of tun playing games and dancing.
PAM: And I‘m not quite sure of it. Your friends may not like me and I won‘t
feel at home. And some at the guests can be unpleasant to me ei-
ther, Finally, we\'ll have to do lots of washing up and clean the room
in the morning and I don\'t feel like doing it on holiday.
LUCY: Well, I can agree with you. What about going for a walk with our
classmates? I know some classmates and teachers are going to
celebrate New Year in Central Square. it\'s rather exotic! We\'ll watch
fireworks and listen to the concert. And then we can play snowballs
and have a lot of fun!
PAM: You are crazy! it‘s freezing and it‘s going to be rather cold at night.
And I\'m afraid we‘ll get hungry.
LUCY: It we are hungry, we can go to a cafe and have a snack.
PAM: I\'m sure all cafes will be full that night. But if you want to go out, we can buy tickets to a disko party.
LUCY: A disco party? Great idea! There will be lots of young people and we can make new friends. Besides, I\'m fond of dancing.
PAM: So am i! And I think there will be a special concert programme, too.
So we will have a lot of fun. Besides, we won\'t have to care about
food. Everything is included into the price.
LUCY: And we won\'t have to wash dishes and to clean the room after the
party! But I\'m afraid we are too young to go there alone. I invite
you to join my family. We usually have a lot of tun.
PAM: Thanks, I\'ll think it over.

1. Lucy prefers to see the New Year in a different city.
2. Pam likes making new friends during holidays.
3. There are nice fireworks in Central Square on the New Year‘s night.
4. The girls hate washing-up after the party most of all.
5. Lucy\'s parents are going to see the NewYear in on Central Square.
6. The concerts in Central Square are always good.
7. The New Year weather is too frosty to be outside for a long time.
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1 false

2 false

3 true

4 true

5 not stated

6 not stated

7 true