Составить 20 вопросов для викторины в страдательном залоге. Срочно
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1 Was given a good book

2 His computer is being repaired

3 Jane has been taken to the hospitalу.

4 Christmas is celebrated by Christians all over the world

5 I hadn’t been invited to the party

6 He wasn’t offered a cup of tea

7 The letter won’t be sent tomorrow

8 America wasn’t discovered by Magellan

9 Is a new school being built near your house?  

10 Did your car have to be sold?

11 Was the novel written by Turgenev or Dostoevsky?

12 Is the parcel going to be delivered in five days or in a week?

13 When was the city founded?

14 Why was this laptop left here?

15 Wasn’t the door locked?

16 Hasn’t he been employed by a big company?

17 He milkshake was made with milk, ice cream and strawberry, wasn’t it?

18 You haven’t been woken up by the noise, have you?

19 What was discovered by the scientists?

20 Who has been arrested by the police?