Помогите написать 10 предложений на английском языке про оспу (smallpox)
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1.Of the infectious diseases reported in 1999, most suffered from chickenpox (28.54 per cent), acute enterocolitis (23.94 per cent), scabiesa (8.6 per cent), parotitis (8.3 per cent), and pedicuosis (8.40 per cent).

2.Have you ever been ill with a flu?

3.The last case of smallpox infection in vivo was recorded on October 26, 1977 in the Somali city of Marka.

4.Among the Arabs, according to the testimony of the Arab physician Aron, who lived in the 7th century, smallpox has been known since ancient times.

5.The smallpox epidemic first swept across China in the 4th century and hit Korea in the middle of the 6th century.

6.In 737, more than 30% of the Japanese population became extinct from smallpox (the mortality rate in densely populated areas reached 70%).

7.In India there was a special smallpox goddess - Mariatale; she was portrayed as a young woman in red clothes with a very hot-tempered character - according to legend, once she was angry with her father for something and in anger threw her gold necklace in his face, and where the beads touched the skin, pustules appeared. With this in mind, the believers tried to appease and propitiate Mariatale, making sacrifices to her.

8.In Korea, smallpox epidemics were attributed to the visitation of a spirit who was called "the distinguished guest smallpox." An altar was set up for him, where they brought the best food and wine.

9.In 1774, the English farmer Benjamin Jesti successfully vaccinated his family with cowpox, and the German teacher Peter Plett did the same in 1791.

10.Having learned about the smallpox vaccinations that appeared in Europe, Catherine II invited the English doctor Thomas Dimsdale to Russia and asked to inoculate her first, thereby setting an example for her subjects.