Решите а не выборочно и не пишите:абдажвжыжыжыжвжвжвжвжп, плис ну это ненормально я ж не просто так количество балов ставлю, а ставлю для людей которые рил решать! ​
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1 Tom doesn't want to clean his room today.

2 Helen always talks too much with her friends.

3 They boys played football in the yard yesterday.

4 Who helps you do your homework every day?

5 Tom helped me to make a kite three days ago.

6 Where did you live in 2004?

7 The tasks were very difficult in the previous test.

8 Look.Bill is catching a funny little pig in the yard.

9 Your answer is very interesting. I like it a lot.

10 I have never visited this country.

11 Sam stood at the bus stop when I saw him yesterday.

12 Liz will have her homework done by three o' clock tomorrow.

13 Andrew has already bought milk when I saw him yesterday.

14 They have just watched this awful film.

15 Mary always fall down because she is so absent-minded.