Comparison of adjectives
1. Fill in the correct COMPARATIVE and SUPERLATIVE form of the adjectives in
than a dog. (fast)
2. Betty\'s hairis
Jenny\'s. (Long)
3. The mount Everest is the
mountain in the world. (high)
4. What is the
animal in the world? (dangerous)
5. My house is
than yours. (big)
6. He is the
boy of all. (Lazy)
7. A tiger is
than a lion. (beautiful)
8. A holiday by the sea is
interesting than a holiday in the mountains. (little)
9. A caris
than a bike. (expensive)
10. The weather today is
than yesterday. (bad)
11. Susan is the
girl in our class. (pretty)
12. This is the
book I have ever read. (interesting)
13. Who is the
woman on earth? (rich)
this month. (bad)
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1 faster

2 longer

3 highest

4 most dangerous

5 bigger

6 laziest

7 more beatiful

8 less

9 more expensive

10 worse

11 prettiest

12 most interesting

13 the most rich