10 How is paper made? Rewrite the following sentences in the pasSive. 1 They cut down trees. Trees are cut down. 2 They send the trees to a paper mill. 3 A machine removes the bark from the wood. 4 They chop the wood into small pieces. 5 They cook the pieces until they become a pulp. 6 They pour the paper pulp into a container 7 They pour the pulp onto a large screen. 8 They drain the water from the paper. 9 Finally, they press the paper flat.
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2 Trees are sent to a paper mill.

3 The bark is removed from the wood.

4 The wood is chopped into small pieces.

5 The pieces are cooked.

6 The paper pulp are poured into a container.

7 The pulp is poured onto a large screen.

8 The water is drained from the paper.

9 The paper flat is pressed.