информация о спасении животных и природы на английском
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A lot of animals die because of people’s fault. The number of species is diminishing nowadays. The reason for it is the slighting attitude to ecology. But not everybody thinks that it is a serious problem.                                      

There are two opinions on this issue: some people suppose the animal’s death not to be a vital issue nowadays. Others disagree with them. I think that the latter opinion is right.

The disappearance of animals is a very important problem. Firstly, a lot of species are helpful for people. Animals give us food, clothes, and different materials. Secondly, every spice is the result of evolution, and we destroy millennial legacy killing animals. Thirdly, no one living creature deserves death. Every being has the right to live.

But some people think that the rescue of animals is the waste of money. There are more important things to pay attention to. A lot of animals are also dangerous.

In my opinion, they are not right. The rescue of lives can not be in vain. The correct treatment of animals is the guarantee of your safety.

Luckily it is possible to save a lot of lives, and we will be able to do it if we want. But it was just my opinion. Of course, everyone remains unconvinced.