2 Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Present Perfect Tense.
1) My brother has already watched (to watch) this film. He (to watch) it last Friday.
2)___you___(to phone) Roger yet? - Yes, I have. (to phone) him an hour ago.
3) They___ already (to read) this text. They (to read) it at the lesson yes- terday.
4)___Molly ____(to be) to the market today? - Yes, she has. She___ (to come) home from the market twenty minutes ago.
5)____your friend ever (to see) an opera performance? - Yes, he has. He___(to see) it last Sunday.​
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1 watched

2 Have you phoned Robert yet?

Yes,I phoned him an hour ago.

3.have already read;read

4Has Molly been to the market today?..came

5Has your friend ever seen an opera performance?..saw