. Open the brackets. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.
1. My aunt (to play) the piano yesterday.
2. My aunt (to play) the piano often.
3. My aunt  (not to play) the piano yesterday the whole evening.
4. My friend  (to play) the piano often?
5. My friend  already (not to play) the piano.
6. My friend Bill (to play) the piano by yesterday?
7. Our relatives (to watch) their favourite film the other day.
8. Our friends (to watch) their favourite film now.
9. Our mother (to watch) her favourite film in two days?
10. My parents (not to watch) their favourite film recently.
11. Our brother and sister (to watch) their favourite film by last week.
12. Our sisters (to watch) their favourite film sometimes?
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1 played

2 plays

3 didn't play

4 Does my friend play

5 doesn't play

6 did my friend bill play

7 will watch

8 are watching

9 не понимаю какое это время

10 didn't watch

11 watched

12 Do our sisters watch


может быть я где-то ошиблась