12. Arrange the following words and expressions in pairs of
antonyms and synonyms.
a. Antonyms
to fall, behind, to build, outside, dark, usual, always, to lose,
fat, to be in time, swift, unusual, to rise, to destroy, inside, to
be late, in front of, light, never, to find, thin, to send, to finish,
to die, to receive, to begin, to live, slow, to be lucky, quietly,
noisily, to be unlucky.
b. Synonyms
to defend, to start, to return, to walk, to begin, to cry, to
die of hunger, to like, to collect, to protect, to come back, to gather,to get up, correct,to come,to go on foot,before,to burst into tears,to strave,to be fond of,in front of,right,to arrive,to rise.
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1. to fall- to rise

behind- in front of

to build- to destroy

outside - inside

dark- light

usual- unusual

always- never

to lose- to find

fat- thin

to be in time- to be late

swift- slow

to send- to receive

to finish- to begin

to die- to live

to be lucky- to be unlucky

quietly- noisily

2. to defend- to protect

to start- to begin

to return- to come back

to walk- to go on foot

to cry- to burst into tears

to die of hunger- to starve

to like- to be fond of

to collect- to gather

to get up- to rise.

correct- right

to come- to arrive

before- in front of