Пожалуйста помогите английский язык 1 и 2
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Lifesaver2001 2 года назад
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1.hasn't changed

2.hasn't decided

3.haven't driven

4.hasn't left

5.hasn't complained

6.haven't arrested

7.haven't eaten

8.hasn't spoken


1.Mum hasn't done the washing yet. - 6.

2.Max has bought new video games.- 1

3.They have found a table for two. - 3

4.Dad has never done any DIA jobs. - 8

5.Mum hasn't done the shopping yet. - 5

6.Alex has prepared a good chocolate cake. - 9

7.Grandad has finished the lawn mowing. - 4

8.They have already swam with dolphins. - 7

9.She has gone to walk her dog out. - 2


1.Yes, I have

2.No, she hasn't

3.Yes,he has

4.Yes,they have

5.No, he hasn't

6.No, he hasn't

7.Yes, they have

8.No, he hasn't


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aselyaaqwer 2 года назад
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Ответ: Упражнение 1.

1. John hasn't changed his password on Facebook.

2. Mike hasn't decided his future job yet.

3. I haven't driven on the left for ages.

4. Sue hasn't left any spare biscuits, selfish as she is.

5. Dad hasn't complained about the destruction of our gate after the accident with a lorry.

6. The police hasn't arrested the bank robbers so far.

7. They haven't eaten all their food.

8. He hasn't spoken to his parents for.