HW: write a small composition (8-10 sentences) on topic: What I like to do at home?
- 2 sentences with (Present / Past Simple or Continuous tenses);
- 2 sentences with Present Perfect;
- 1 sentence (Gerund/ Infinitive);
- 1 sentence with adjective (Comparative or Superlative degrees);
- 1 sentence with adjective ( non-gradable or with -ing / -ed ending)
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trtknazar 2 года назад
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I really like spending my time at home, because exactly here i feel comfort and in safe. I have a lot of hobbies at home: playing comuter games, reading books, cooking and so on. But the most lovely activity at home is cooking because i can cook whatever i want. Yesterday was extremly bad wheather and when i came home i decided to make a cup of tea and everything became good. After i took a sip of tea i remembered that i have sweets but i was on a diet so i asked myself "to eat or not to eat" i decided not to eat. I have never had such a difficult choice. Well i think that home is a place where you have to relax and do whatever you want.