Test 3 the 8th form \"Press\" (semester 2)
I. Choose:
1) Freedom of the (society, press, choice) is the right to publicly express
opinions in print without censorship by the government. 2) (Journalists,
Officials, Politicians) are the people who present such information as the
news to the audience of newspapers, magazines etc. 3) Daily newspapers,
weekly magazines are all (trades, reports, periodicals). 4) I (subscribe,
appeal, guarantee) to three newspapers, and I enjoy all. 5) There is not one
single genre that increases, prints, appeals) to absolutely everybody. 6)
The (eye-catching, issued, concentrated) illustration on the front page
attracted my attention at once. 7) My dad usually starts reading a newspaper
with the sports (sections, reporters, finance). 8) The (quality papers,
tabloids, magazines) tend to focus on more emotional reporting or stories
often featuring film and sport stars and the Royal Family.


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1) 1. press

2. journalists

3. periodicals (не уверена, ибо слово действительно означает вид газет, но переводится как "периодические издания". к такому описанию больше подойдут не "daily newspapers", а "weekly newspapers".

4. subscribe

5. appeals

6. eye-catching

7. sections

8. tabloids