Раскройте скобки, используя Present Perfect.
You (to hear) from Melisa recently? — No, she (to go) to China for a seminar and (not/come back) yet.
It was a great weekend. I (to meet) lots of people for the last few days.
It is the first time I (to swim) in the ocean. I (never/do) this before.
You (ever\\try) Indian or Chinese food?
I have been very busy with the project recently. So I (not/seen) any of my friends for a long time.
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Julkass 2 недели назад
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You have to heard…
No,she has to gone…and hasn’t come back yet.

It…..l have to met lots of…..

……l have to swum in the ocean.I
have never done this before.

Have you ever tried Indian….?

I have…..So l haven’t seen any…..