Fill in the gaps with both, all, neither or
1 A Would you like an apple or an orange?
B: Nefther. I\'d like a pear, please
2 A
At looked for Helen and Jane, but ...,
of them were there.
B. They have
... gone shopping
3 A: I\'ve got lots of skirts but
neren of
B: Wel buy some new ones.
4 A: I\'m waiting for three friends
them are latel !
BI\'m sure they will be here soon.
5 A My sisters, Ann and Julie, are *** ***** teachers
B. Really? I\'m a teacher, too.
6 A: There were lots of birds in the garden this morning,
B: Really? They have ...
gone now
7 A: Steve and Dave had an accident yesterday.
B: Are they ....
...... in hospital?
A: No. Luckily, ...
of them were hurt

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1 neither

2 A neither, B both

3 none

4 all of them

5 both

6 all

7 B both, A neither