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1)Прочитайте тексты (1—5), установите соответствия между ними и заголовками (а—f), отметьте каждый текст соответствующей буквой. В списке имеется один лишний заголовок.

Tragic Episode in Planet\'s History

Historic Fortification

Lost in History

History Giving Answers

Curious Episode in History

Historic Emblem

1. Almost everybody has heard of the ancient Maya, a mysterious people who lived in Central America in 1500 ВС — AD 900 and then suddenly disappeared. But very few of us know that the Maya were not the earliest civilization on the American continent. The first great group of people there were the mysterious Olmecs.
2. During the English Civil War, King Charles II fought against Oliver Cromwell. One battle took place at Worcester in 1651. Charles and his men were defeated and had to escape. As night fell they lost their way and stayed for the night at Boscombel House. There Charles put on a common man\'s clothes, cut his hair short and blackened his face with soot. Then Charles set off north.
3. Hadrian\'s Wall is an ancient wall across England from Carlisle in the west to Newcastle in the east. The Roman Emperor Hadrian wanted to protect Roman Britain from attacks by Scottish tribes. So he told his soldiers to build a wall. It took them nearly six years to complete it. The Roman soldiers guarded the wall, which was 117 kilometres long and 4 metres high. Now there are only ruins left of Hadrian\'s Wall.
4. The largest development in the debate among scientists about what killed the prehistoric dinosaurs is the idea that acid rain was the cause. Some geologists suggest that a large meteor hitting the earth at the speed of 65 kilometres per second was able to lead to strongly acidic rain falling all over the world.
5. In 1871, the newly formed Rugby Football Union selected an English team to play the first ever international match against Scotland. The committee chose a red rose as the team\'s badge. Though England lost the match, which took place in Edinburgh, the country\'s rugby teams have worn red roses ever since.
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2)Выберите и подчеркните лексически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.

What you\'ve just said isn\'t quite clear. Will you (explain/scream) it again?

Mike is planning a (terrible/terrific) performance at Christmas. He says it\'ll be his best.

This railway engine can (pull/push) twelve carriages.

The invitation cards will be (printed/published) on pink paper.

The police are (inventing/investigating) a new mystery.

He (lay/lied) about his age and we all thought he was older.

What kind of sugar do you buy? — Brown (one/sugar); I drink coffee with it.

3) Используя суффиксы -ed, -ful, -ly, -ment, -ous и приставки поп-, un-, образуйте производные от слов в правой колонке и впишите их в предложения.
1. The new____________magazine is becoming more and more popular. week
2. Jeff felt terrible because he was _______________to help his friend in that awful situation. able
3. Who doesn\'t feel ______________ before an important examination? nerve 4. At that time I_______________ if ever thought about why my parents had divorced. rare 5. We are going to the local park and are looking forward to the ________________we are going to have. enjoy
6. The sisters spent their long evenings reading old magazines or just talking_______________ sense
4) Выберите и подчеркните грамматически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.

Christine wanted to spend all her (earning/earned) money on presents for the family.

What\'s the text (printing/printed) on the front page?

The two languages (speaking/spoken) in the country are English and French.

The club (opening/opened) in our school at the moment is likely to be popular.

5. The sounds (coming/come) from the classroom next door were not easy to identify.
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1) Lost in History

2) Curious Episode in History

3) Historic Fortification

4) Tragic Episode in Planet's History

5) Historic Emblem


explain; terrific; pull; printed; investigating; lied;



1. weekly

2. unable

3. nervous

4. rarely

5. enjoyments

6. nonsense


earned; printed; spoken; opening; coming