Future forms (future simple/present simple/present continuous/be going to)

1.Look! The blind man ….. (trip) over that box on the pavement.
2.I am sure you …… (like) the new James Bond film.
3.She …… (go) on holiday. Here are the tickets.
4.The match … (finish) at half past nine, so I will be at home at ten o’clock.
5.Paula wasn’t at work today. I think I ….. (phone) her.
6.Look at that tree. It …… (fall ) down.
What time … the next bus … (leave) for Bristol?
8.They …… (have) a party next week.

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1. trips

2.will like

3.she is going

4.will finish

5.I have to

6. has fallen

7.will, leave

8.will have


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