Read the text and fill in the gaps with the appropriate words (position, notes, to spell, speakers, miss, quick, money, long-distance calls, receive).

Business Calls

If you don\'t have much experience of making phone calls in English,
making a business call can be a worrying experience. If you have to call
to someone you already know, you may actually enjoy making the call -
but remember that (1)___are expensive. You have to make a first-
time business call to a prospective client - it isn\'t easy in English!
Making a phone call to a stranger can be quite stressful, especially if he
speaks English better than you. Most business people, unless they feel very confident, prepare for an important phone call in a foreign language by making (2)____ in advance. And during the call they make notes while they\'re talking to help them to remember what was said. Although it\'s (3)_____ and convenient to phone someone to give them information or to ask questions, the disadvantage is that there is nothing in writing to help you remember what was said. It\'s essential to make notes and often when an agreement is reached on the phone, one of the (4)____will send a fax or e-mail to confirm the main points that were made. As it\'s easy to be misunderstood when talking on the phone it\'s a good idea to repeat the important information (especially numbers, dates and names) slowly and carefully. If someone doesn\'t seem to understand you, choose simpler words or rephrase your sentence. Let other people finish what they want to say. You may (5)____something important. You\'ll also show a lack of respect.
Always identify yourself and your (6)______in the company and make sure you know the name of the person you\'re talking to. If necessary, ask him (7)_____it out to you and try to use his/her name during the call.
If possible, don\'t phone during the other person\'s lunch hour or just before they\'re about to stop work for the day. It\'s important to sound interested, helpful and alert when answering the phone. You may have to make or (8)_____calls to or from regular customers and prospective clients, so a good telephone manner not only makes an impression in business, but it also helps to make (9)_____. Speak in a friendly voice and smile.​
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1 long-distance calls

2 notes

3 qiuck

4 speakers

5 miss

6 position

7 to spell

8 receive

9 money