1. Use the Simple Past or the Past Continuous Tense:
1. I (see) yesterday when we (go) for a walk in the park. The sun (shine), a cool breeze (blow) the birds (sing). 2. I really (enjoy) my vacation last January. While it (snow) in Iowa, the sun (shine) in Florida. While you (shovel) snow in Iowa, I (lie) on the beach in Florida. 3. My brother and sister (argue) about something when I (walk) into the room 4. The students (speak) Japanese and some (converse) in Arabic. 5. When I (arrive) she (have) lunch. She (apologize) for starting without me but said that she always (lunch) at 12.30. 6. Suddenly he (realize) that he (travel) in the wrong direction. 7. The traffic (make) so much noise that I couldn’t hear what he (say).

2. Write what you or other people will be doing at definite moment in the future:
1. I’m going to watch TV from 9 till 10 o’clock in the evening. So, at 9.30 I’ll be watching TV. 2. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play tennis from 3 o’clock until 4.30. So, at 4 o’clock tomorrow I…. 3. Jim is going to study from 8 o’clock until 10 o’clock this evening. So, at 8.30 this evening he…. 4. We are going to clean the flat tomorrow. It will take from till 11 o’clock. So, at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning …. 5. Susan has a lot of typing to do. She’s going to type today from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. So, at 4.30 this afternoon …. 6. We are going to pack our things from 6 to 9 this evening. So, at 7 o’clock this evening we …. 7. We are going to have our classes from 3 to 6 o’clock. So, at 5 o’clock we ….
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1 saw, were going

was shining, was blowing, were singing

2 enjoyed

was snowing, was shining

were shovelling, was lying

3 were arguing, walked

4 were speaking, were conversing

5 arrived, was having

apologized, lunched