B. part
4 IW. Read the text again and choose the correct option.
1. The underlined pronoun it in Paragraph 1 refers to....
A. culture
C. making carpets
2. In the old days, people got colours for making carpets from....
A. fruit
B. plants
C. both of the above
3. It was important for girls ...
A. to know how to make carpets.
B. to take care of animals.
C. to work hard all year round.
4. The underlined pronoun their in Paragraph 3 refers to ....
A. carpets
B.young girls C. men
5. The ornaments on the carpets are usually about ...
A. the dreams of the women.
B. the observations of the women.
C. domestic animals only.
6. The underlined pronoun it in Paragraph 4 refers to....
A. carpet
B. celebration C. starting​
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1 read the text again, прочитайте текст заного, а вы не написали текст , а все вопросы относятся к тексту