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nWhere is the box? Where are boxes?

n1.Where is the box? It is on the floor. 2.There is wide-screen cinema in our town. 3.There will be a hotel in this district. 4.There was a café near that park. 5.The mason works in this building. 6.This village is new. 7.The photograph was on the first page. 8.There was a photograph on the wall. 9.The leaf of the calendar was yellow. 10.The worker’s wife was waiting for him near the mine. 11.A scientist works at this museum. 12.This garage is still in the same place. 13.That room has no furniture. 14.There is woman in our delegation.
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Тут нужно на существитеьное слово добавить окончания -s или -es. Например:cinemas, towns,hotels,districts,cafes,parks,masons,buildings,villages,photographs,pagrs и так далее