What would you want to be different in your own country or community to respond to issues of inequality, inequity, or injustice?
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Schools where the needs of students get a higher priority than teachers union demands.

Enforcement of laws against narcotics sales.

Dismissal of any police officer who causes the death of an unarmed civilian.

Term limits to break the hold of career politicians on power.

Media and politicians held to the same standards of defamation and perjury which apply to the rest of us.

Arrests on gun crimes or violent assaullt MUST require cash bail, instead of release on a person's own recognizance.

Speedy trials, as the constitution guarantees,, instead of months or years spent in preparation by an army of prosecutors while the accused remain behind bars or unable to work.

Hire community members for entry level jobs, rather than someone here without authorization who is willing to work at illegal wages.