It is important to show love everyone who cares for you. Try to remember people who did something good to you, who helped you when you had problems. Make a list of those, to whom like to say "Thank you"
nMy mum - loves me, cares for me
nMy dad - ...
nMy granny/granddad - ...
nMy sister/brother - ...
nMy cousin - ...
nMy friend - ...
nMy teacher - ...
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mikhas084 2 года назад
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my  dad-helps me at everything,loves me,cares me

my granny/grandad-they love me

my sister/brother-they love me,help me.

my cousin-loves me,helps me,makes me laugh

my friend-makes me laugh,loves me like a friend

my teacher- takes care of me,helps me know more of his subject