Нужно помощь с английским.
n6-7 предложений на тему : "Что делает семью счастливой"
nСамые примитивные предложения, но не через переводчик, прошу)
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mikhas084 2 года назад
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окєй) будет 6

-The family is 1 or the most inportaint things in your life so here are the answer how to make your family happy)

-Be friendly to them

-never froget what they whanted you to do

-do more good,healthy things amd you will be geting etention from your father or granddad and they will be impressed

-do good stuff like get the cat from the tree

-and the last but not least never try to make them sad becouse they will be sad like from 1 to 11 days if you  will not want them to frogive you

-thats it)

dyakonova2000 2 года назад