Придумать талисман олимпийских игр и объяснить почему выбрали такой талисман (кроме гепарда, леопарда)
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nasta5orokina 2 года назад
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According to the voting results, the following characters were in the lead when choosing the Symbol of the Olympic winter games in Sochi 2014:

1 place went to the Leopard (the author of which is Vadim Pak from Nakhodka) - 28, 2% of people who voted for him gave their votes

2nd place – White bear (the author is a Sochi resident Oleg Heart) 18.3% of the votes

3rd place got the Bunny (created by Sylvia Petrova from Chuvashia, Yantikovskiy rayon, Derevnya Novoye Buyanovo)