1.All the students ________ in the hall.
na. is b. am c. are
n2.Where ____ they study?
na. does b. do c. has
n3.Has he ____ a car?
na. have b. does c. got
n4.There ___ a wonderful museum in the center of the city.
na. are b. is c. do
n5.Arriving _______ for classes is bad manners.
na) early b) late c) in time
n6.We want to organize a_________ for all the staff.
na) discussion b) commission c) appointment
n7.I will call _______ later.
na) back b) at c) in
n8.Can you put me ________, please?
na) out b) through c) on
n9.I am _____ forward to meeting my friends.
na) waiting b) looking c) finding

nОтветьте на вопросы о вашей учебе или об учебе вашего друга
n1. Where do you study?
n2. What are the most important subjects?
n3. Do you pay the tuition fee?
n4. When do you take exams?
n5. Why do you want to study here?

nУпотребите глаголы в скобках в правильной форме
n1 My brother ___ (be) a teacher.
n2 ____ (there be) a lot of theatres in our city.
n3 He ___ (not have got) any examination this semester.
n4. ____ at your diploma (you / work) at the moment?
n5 This week we _____ (visit) the exhibition of industrial goods.
n6 I ___ (use) computer every day.
n7 ___ for your children’s education? (you / pay)
n8 I usually _____ (go) on business trips twice a month.
n9 What book____ (you / read)?
n10 ___ round tables and conferences? (you / attend)
n11 I _____ (write) in response to your advertisement.
n12. We usually _____ (discuss) such problems at team meetings.
n13. The train ______ (leave) in 10 minutes.
n14. I __________ (wait) for my friend, she is just coming.
n15. I _________ (write) him and arrange a meeting.
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1. c
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. b
2. Задание
1. I study at TMA lyceum
2. Chemistry, biology, russian and literature are most important subjects in our lyceum
3. No, I don't
4. We have exams in the end of semester
5. Because I want to be a good doctor and cure the patients
3. Задание
1. is
2. there are
3. doesn't have got
4. are you working
5. visited
6. use
7. did you pay
8. go
9. did you read
10. did you attend
11. wrote
12. discuss
13. will leave
14. am waiting
15. write