Можно быстрей,но не обязательно))
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Диамант20005 2 года назад
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1) has already washed
2) have just cleaned
3) have recently seen
4) have already written
5) hasn't found
6) have eaten
7) has already done
8) have just had
9) have lately visited
10) has made
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Pandovna 2 года назад
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1)has already washed
2)have just cleaned
3)have recently seen
4)have already written
5) hasn't found
6)has eaten
7)has already done
8)have just had
9)has lately visited
10)has made

1)Have we already seen this film?
2) She has just done her homework
3)The children have just put on their coats
4)My father has recently read that book
5) Our family hasn't yet been to New York
6)The dog has just eaten its food
7)We have lately bought a hamster
8)Have you ever been to Madrid?