Напишите письмо по образцу-(вот образец)-Martin
nhi thanks for e.g. your email.Nice to know you're well. I want to tell....... about my family.
n....... mum's name is Kate and she's a teachern.My dad,Mike,is an actor and his films are
ngreat. I have one brother.His name's Paul and ....... is cool.My best friend,Ellen,really likes him.My grandma and are special. ....... love them. ...... make me laugh with their funny stories.
nTell me about your family in your next emall.
nПОМОГИТЕ пожалуйста мне очень нужно
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Smo1ly 2 года назад
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Hello! Thank's for your letter. I great for you. You asked me for my family.
My family is big. My mum's name is (как зовут маму). She is beautiful and clever. My dad ( имя отца) works in the bank. He is a banker. I have a little brother. He is 3 years old. His name is (имя братика).
Tell me for your favourite lessons in the school!
Good luck,
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Masha303939 2 года назад
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Hello everybody
Let me introduce my family
My family is not big,but very friendly.
My mother’s name is.. She is so beautiful and kind-hearted.My mum always helps me. Her hobby is cooking.She is a doctor.
My father’s name is ..
He is strong and clever. I love him so much. My father is manager.
I have got brother.His name is..
Hi is 10 years old. Hi is younger than me.His hobby is football.
I love my family so much