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My children Miss Davidon’s school was half-way between Harry’s house and mine. My elder daughter Sophia had been going there for some years, and now my younger daughter began to go, too. It was not hard to 32 ______ the difference between my daughters. My elder daughter 33 ______ after me. She had black hair, green eyes and a large forehead. She was very impulsive and often lost her temper. She was lazy but studied well. Her teachers always praised her. My younger daughter didn\'t 34 ______ me. She was the picture of my wife’s mother. She had blond hair and blue eyes. She was very obedient and never made noise but she was not very good 35 ______ studies. I thought she was always shy and that prevented her from having good marks. Liza, our nursemaid, would set off in the morning with two of my children and Ned, Harry’s son. She usually took a mail-cart with her. This was for Ned to ride in when he was tired but it was not often that Ned would 36 ______ that he was tired. The maid left the girls at Miss Davidson’s and then brought Ned on to the Beeches. She would take him back in time to 37 ______ the girls when school was over. I often watched them play with Ned in the backyard or tell him fairy-tales. My daughters adored Ned but he didn’t 38 ______ attention to them. 31. 1) accept 2) admit 3) allow 4) adopt 32. 1) pull 2) pick 3) gather 4) collect 33. 1) in 2) for 3) on 4) at 34. 1) review 2) remind 3) resemble 4) remember 35. 1) took 2) looked 3) seemed 4) felt 36. 1) pay 2) give 3) take 4) hold 37. 1) speak 2) talk 3) tell 4) say
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